F rom setting the trademark for classic pieces to making a voguish buzz on the signature body jewellery, Zuri International has entered another fashion-forward journey through the eyes of little angels that came to delight every parent – The Zuri Baby Couture.

Zuri International has been well-known with both of its dainty jewellery and avant-garde body jewellery under Zuri Wearable Art Brand. To start the year 2013, Founder Hershey Morgan paved it’s way to another accessory line inspired by her new role as a mother. Her fashionable and creative spirit continuously flows with her new baby girl.

After I gave birth to my daughter, I have been desperately looking for accessories for her. I want to dress and glam her up because every mother wants her child to look at its best, but I couldn't find the perfect stuff for her. That's the time when I started designing her Hair Accessories and Baby Booties. So I asked my team, why not create a new line for babies? Hershey shares, and that came Zuri Baby Couture.

This brand advocates the best quality products for stylish babies and mothers. It started with two collections: The Couture Collection and the Classic collection. It's a good way to share the discipline of dressing well and good grooming to babies. It's not too early to become fashionable and beautiful, because every child has been made beautiful by the One above...Read More



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Zuri Baby Couture offers fun, fashionable items at pocket-friendly prices. While the brand is serious about fashion, it also believes in affordable, practical prices.

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